Pressure boosting and fire-fighting sets

  • Unimat-e__duomat-e

Unimat-E, Duomat-E

Single or Twin Pump Digital Pressurisation Unit

  • Domestic and residential
  • Civil
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Swimming-pools

Data sheet

- Filling and maintaining system pressure in large domestic and commercial sealed heating systems
​- Filling and maintaining system pressure in chilled water systems, refrigeration units and industrial cooling systems

- Advanced digital control system
- Automated system fill and pressure maintenance
- Compact Design
- Wall or Floor mounted
- Inlet and outlet configurable for left or right hand side connection with flexible hoses (supplied)
- 3.5 and 4.1 bar pressure options
- Single (duty) or twin pump (duty-standby) configurations
- 8 litre tank capacity
- High recovery water tank fill valve - 12 ltrs/min @ 1 bar WRAS complient Category 5 backflow protection,
- Type AB air gap, weir overflow and warning pipe
- 2 year guarantee
- Patent pending