Single and twin impeller centrifugal pumps

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N, N4

End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps standardized EN 733

Flow Head Power
2.4 / 480 1.5 / 95 0.25 / 75
mc/h m kW
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Swimming-pools
  • Civil

Data sheet

Single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps, with bearing bracket.
The electropumps N, B-N, N4, B-N4 series comply with the European Regulation no. 547/2012 in force starting from 01.01.2013.
Nominal duty points and main dimensions in accordance with EN 733.
Back Pull-Out construction, for simple and quick dismantling and reassembly.
N, N4: version with pump casing and lanter bracket in cast iron.
B-N, B-N4: version with pump casing and lanter bracket in bronze (the pumps are supplied fully painted).
Rated speed of rotation (50 Hz): N = 2900 rpm. ; N4 = 1450 rpm.
Connections: PN 10 flanges EN 1092-2.
Counter-flanges (on request)
from 32-160 to 50-250 : Screwed flanges PN 16 EN 1092-1.
from 65-125 to 150-400 : Flanges for welding PN 10 EN 1092-1.
Shaft sealing:
– Standardized mechanical seal in accordance with ISO 3069.
– Stuffing box seal (on request).

- For clean liquids, without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for the pump materials (contents of solids up to 0.2%).
- For water supply.
- For heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation plants.
- For civil and industrial applications and for agriculture.
- For fire fighting applications.
- For irrigation.

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