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Automatic air feeder

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The automatic air feeder ARIAMAT controls the air cushion in the pressu- re vessel by replacing the air dissolved in the water at every pump start. This device limits the number of pump starts and stops, allows a better use of the water reserve and improves the overall performance of the automa- tic pressure system.

OperationARIAMAT operation is explained in pictures 1-2-3-4.At the end of every cycle, ARIAMAT AR 300E, AR 1000E and AR 2000E let in the vessel 300, 1000 and 2000 cm3 of air respectively.For a good operation of ARIAMAT it is necessary to have enough suc- tion pressure in the pipe whilst the pumps are running.If the pumps work under positive suction head and water falls to the suction inlet, there will not be enough suction pressure in the suction pipe to allow a correct operation of ARIAMAT; in this case, it is neces- sary to create an artificial loss in the suction pipe, by closing gradual- ly the gate valve when the pump is running until the water level in the ARIAMAT starts dropping.When a sufficient suction pressure to grant a safe ARIAMAT operation cannot be achieved, it is recommended to feed the vessel with a com- pressed air system and level probes.